Using Technology to Improve Executive Functioning Skills

Using Technology to Improve Executive Functioning Skills

As parents and educators I am sure that we can all agree that with all of the merits of technology, it is a real distraction for our teens. For a student who has weak Executive Functioning skills, eliminating distractions is a crucial strategy for success. Technology, social media and all of it’s distractions can be seriously detrimental. Using technology to help these students can be a great way to show that we appreciate technology while using it to stay on task.

Planning, Organization, Time Management and Working Memory are often the areas that we need to address with students with weak executive functioning skills.

The Areas to Focus On:

Part 1- Planning

The Ability to create a roadmap to reach a goal or objective, including the ability to Prioritize the order of tasks

Part 2 - Organization

Work to create a dedicated area to complete desk work (schoolwork).  Establish consistent schedules and routines with parent supervision and design and maintain systems for keeping track of information and materials

Part 3 - Time Management

Properly allocate time and stay within time limits and deadlines


Part 4 - Working Memory

Work from a list and have systems as reminders (planner, alarms/timers etc)

Our Fresh Career academic coaches recommend that technology can help with these 4 areas by keeping students, organized and on track. Some ipad and iphone apps along with alarms and timers functions that we have had success with are listed below:


Checklists lite

Remind Me

My Homework

Remember the Milk

Hi Future Self

Scrum board Focus Me Do

Work tracer


For note taking we suggest:

Dragon Dictation

Audio Note

Quick Voice

Note Pro HD


Try to use technology as a strategy to address weak Executive Functioning Skills.

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