Mario Kovacevic is the Managing Partner of the Parent Company behind Fresh Careers and provides business guidance and support for this division of the business.  With an undergraduate degree from McMaster University and a combined post graduate degree from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago and the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Mario is a highly talented business professional.

Mario has held Senior Executive jobs in C-suite roles including lead roles in Corporate Operations, Marketing, Information Technology, Research Operations,  Geographic Information Systems and Analysis and Human Resources.  Mario has worked globally, most recently in the United Kingdom, in the United States, South America, in China and here in Canada.  Mario has taken this corporate experience together with his academic training and has translated it into successfully helping other organizations achieve their business goals. In addition to his corporate career, Mario has been an invited guest speaker and lecturer with organizations and groups like IBM, Blackberry Limited, RECO, The Canadian Real Estate Association and others.

After spending nearly two decades in large corporate environments globally Mario has settled into helping businesses more locally.

One of the principle reasons Susan and Mario decided to move into this space of Career Development and Coaching has much to do with their own life experiences.  Susan observed so directly a strong disconnect between career outcomes and initial academic pursuits.  Mario on the flip side has seen first hand what the global job market looks like.  It is filled with strong, tenacious, incredibly bright talent in parts of the world that are not Canada.

The competitive ranking of Canadians is not where it once was.  For this reason, Mario believes strongly that young people need to carve a realistic path for their careers, they need to look at their own skills and talents.  They need to use the data that is sitting in front of them and make good career decisions.

"The data available to job seekers today is incredible, people just don't know how to use it.  Industry Canada together with other private organizations compiles wonderful imperical data that clearly outlines for us projections and demand for current and future career pursuits.  I can readily identify what the ratio of supply to demand will be for licensed Electricians in 2020.  There will be 3 openings for every 1 candidate willing to take on this role.  I can also see that for the same future time period the ratio of supply for marine engineers will be 2 while the demand will be 1.  "If I am the parent of that would be future engineer, wouldn't I want them to think a little differently if I see this potential outcome?"

Mario has a true passion for helping individuals.  In his spare time he also works with Emergency Services in the City of Hamilton.  Mario believes that nurturing our youth on  the path of life with grounded guidance is a very worthwhile endeavour and he is incredibly proud of being able to speak to young people on these really meaningful topics.

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Mario Kovacevic, BA, MBA | Managing Partner and Business Coach