About Us – Why We Do What We Do?

After 20 years in the employment industry, Susan McKechnie was observing one constant. New Post secondary grads are not prepared for the changing Workforce. As a certified Career Counselor, Susan began to realize that 1 in 4 post secondary grads were working in unskilled labor and just in the GTA there is 29% unemployment for 24-34 year olds. When she questioned guidance counselors in High Schools the answer was they need support since they did not have enough time to spend with students with all of the other challenging issues that they were dealing with. The answer from College and University counselors was that they are seeing 75% of first year students either dropping out or changing majors

The result? 1 in 4 young adults between 24-34 are still living at home with their parents, the have an average of $28,000 in debt and the earnings gap between high school and post secondary grads is shrinking.

The problem? First year students were not prepared for post secondary schools. They need to properly prepared and supported for post secondary education, for careers in this modern economy and for life. Our job as parents, educators and career counselors is to ensure that today’s youth are armed with the tools to help them be successful, happy, tax paying citizens.

The solution? The way to ensure that our youth are prepared for academics, career and life is to start early. At Fresh Careers, we have developed a 10 step roadmap to success program, 10 week youth coaching program and ongoing workshops for parents and students to help navigate these challenges.

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