Is a High School Diploma Still “Good Enough?”

Previous Generations and High School Only.

Although Canadian high-school graduates do well financially, recent graduates who enter the labour force directly are not faring as well. In previous generations, a high-school diploma was adequate for most jobs, including many well-paid jobs. The growing complexity of work in the global knowledge economy and the rising rates of post-secondary completion in Canada, however, have reduced the relative value of a high-school diploma. Many employers now specify post-secondary education as a minimum qualification for employment, even if a degree or college diploma exceeds the actual skills requirements of their entry-level jobs.

What the Data Now Tells Us.

People who do not graduate from high school earn substantially less than those who do graduate. In a Canadian study conducted by Statistics Canada, over a 20 year period the average male in the study who completed a University degree earned an average of $732,000.00 more than their cohort who had only a High School Diploma.

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