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Is a University Degree better than a College Diploma

Income Data has Historically Driven the Answer to This Question It has long been argued, based on income data, that university completion is the most relevant indicator of Canada’s ability to produce highly talented, innovative people. The “returns on education” data support this argument, since university graduates, as a group, earn more, on average, than…
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Is a High School Diploma Still “Good Enough?”

Previous Generations and High School Only. Although Canadian high-school graduates do well financially, recent graduates who enter the labour force directly are not faring as well. In previous generations, a high-school diploma was adequate for most jobs, including many well-paid jobs. The growing complexity of work in the global knowledge economy and the rising rates…
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“BA” rista generation

Yay, our child is going to the school of their choice! We worry and we dream for our kids and we are thrilled when they open their acceptance letter to the post secondary school of their choice. A University degree! How wonderful. Four years later they are back in their old rooms with more than…
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