Our Career Coach and Career Development Plan

How Does Coaching and Career Planning Work?

When thinking about Career Coaching or Career Development help the analogy that we can easily think of (living in Canada) is thinking about ourselves or our children playing hockey. When we were children we might have played street hockey, we might have played with our mom or dad, or we might have played on our backyard rink or pond.  But ONLY when we put our uniform on and laced up our skates in the hockey arena under the guidance of our coaches did we get a true appreciation for the game.  We were able to be voyeurs and watch our hockey heroes play on the TV and we had wonderful opportunity to review lots of data associated with the game we might have come to love.

Our "Coach" The Concept

Our coach was there to show us the path, to teach us about the rules, to encourage us to complete the skill development drills, to remind us along the journey of what it would take to get to the next level of our own game. Our coach was there to show us what it took to be a potential "hockey player"

Our "Career Coach" - Where are They?

If we now substitute the word "Accountant" or "Radiologist", or "Nurse" in place of potential hockey player - who is there to show us the way?  Is is a teacher?  Are they an accountant or radiologist, so that they can show us the way?  Is it our mother or father who are bricklayers and electricians?  Will they coach us down the path?

The answer is far more complex.  Our team is committed to assisting so that the correct path can be identified and pursued.

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