Career Brainstorming

When does it begin?

It can start at any age.  A wonderful consistant and sometimes old fashioned idea is to keep a journal.

A written journal is a wonderful way of capturing ideas that intrigue.  The term written journal is figurative and could mean a hand written notepad, but more often than not the idea is to keep a digital journal.

How will this help?

Physically writing down ideas creates a natural response to think more closely about the idea.  Teaching young people to do this is a great idea.

Should I do this for my child?

Make it a family affair - keep it as a time capsule.  Will Sally or Billy become the Prime Minister or an astronaut, or a fireman?  Perhaps not, but the ideas will become more clear as their passion grows around clear and defined things through the natural course of their life.  Watch for the things that excite and captivate!

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