“BA” rista generation

Yay, our child is going to the school of their choice!

We worry and we dream for our kids and we are thrilled when they open their acceptance letter to the post secondary school of their choice. A University degree! How wonderful. Four years later they are back in their old rooms with more than $28,000 in debt and they are working at the same job that they had in high school.

BA-rista Generation.

We have heard in called the BA rista generation or the lost generation but just what has happened?

With 75% of students in their first year either dropping out of or changing programs, the evidence is clear. We have not prepared our youth for Post Secondary education. Solid career exploration should include, skills, passions and values evaluation, job shadowing and research. This, coupled with properly researching and comparing programs as well as visiting schools should result in a far lower statistic of drop outs and program changers

Preparing Youth For Post Secondary Education

We need to do a better job of preparing our youth for post secondary education. Creating a roadmap earlier 12-15 where kids really explore their path may not result in University as a choice at all. An apprenticeship or College diploma may be a better choice for the individual, but we have been programmed to want our kids to go to University.

What About After College or University?

Even after Univeristy we have not in many cases prepared our kids for the changing modern economy. Resiliance, flexibility and managed expectations are required in the current Canadian job market. With 29% unemployment in the GTA between 24-34 year olds, we need to allow for a flexible career path. They need to know how to be competitive in a tight job market, promote their self brand and communicate effectively.

The Solution!

The lesson is to create a master career and academic roadmap , consider all options, know the desired end game and execute the plan. Most importantly if you do not want your young adult sleeping on the couch – plan well and plan early!

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