Yearly Archives: 2014

Career Brainstorming

When does it begin? It can start at any age.  A wonderful consistant and sometimes old fashioned idea is to keep a journal. A written journal is a wonderful way of capturing ideas that intrigue.  The term written journal is figurative and could mean a hand written notepad, but more often than not the idea…
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Our Career Coach and Career Development Plan

How Does Coaching and Career Planning Work? When thinking about Career Coaching or Career Development help the analogy that we can easily think of (living in Canada) is thinking about ourselves or our children playing hockey. When we were children we might have played street hockey, we might have played with our mom or dad,…
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“BA” rista generation

Yay, our child is going to the school of their choice! We worry and we dream for our kids and we are thrilled when they open their acceptance letter to the post secondary school of their choice. A University degree! How wonderful. Four years later they are back in their old rooms with more than…
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